Runners Route Interactive Map
   The Run and a Few Rules

1. This is a 52-hour timed event that has three registration options; solo 52 hours, 5 person relay team, and 10 person relay team.  The maximum distance that can run is 150 miles. If you reach the east coast and want to continue running back west, you won’t be scored beyond 150.
2. Results will be posted on our website as the number of miles you ran, up to 150, during the 52-hour duration of the race.  It is permissible to run a leg, run every other leg, etc. Teams will be scored as a team, not individually. Runners running 
an identical number of miles will be placed according to the fastest time.
3. There are two, and only two, ways to get a buckle
 - Run 150 continuous miles as a solo runner, which will get you a 150-mile buckle
 - Run 100 miles continuous miles as a solo runner, which will get you a 100-mile
4. You will be disqualified, and your bib will be confiscated, if you either
 - Cut the course
 - Come into the finish area or any aid station from the wrong direction
- Wear another runner’s bib
5. You must inform the race staff if you decide to drop from the race.  Failure to notify will result in a DNF.
6. In order to get credit for running a leg, you must run the full leg and must check into the aid station at the end of the leg by the time the aid station closes.  Race staff will come to pick you up if you are between legs 
at the cutoff time. You will be taken to the aid station you were running toward. Partial credit for legs will not be granted.
7. Transportation will be provided as available and at the discretion a
nd convenience of race staff.
8. Team captains will register, and pay for the team, and input name and email address of all runners on their team
9. Registration will remain open through May 10, 2019, unless closed early at the discretion of race staff.
10. A group camping site will be reserved at Bay City State Park the night of Friday, May 24.  Please notify us in advance if you will be camping at the site Friday night so that we can give you instructions.  

11. Parking will be allowed at finish area at Bay City State Park Day Use Area (mile 150) and the Clare Moose Lodge (Mile 100).  A van will be available to transport runners on Friday night and again on race morning from either of these points to the start line.  Details will be provided the week before the race.  
12. Masters division runners who are 50 or older and running solo may start one (1) hour early.  Grand Masters division runners who are 60 or older and running solo may start two (2) hours early.
13. Crews may access runners between aid stations and provide support as desired.
14. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the rail trail at any point.
15. No one may mule for a runner. 
16. Turns will be marked by a 12” x 18” sign with small American flags on top.  At night, we will hang glow sticks from the signs. Confidence flags WILL NOT be provided.  A turn-by-turn direction card will be provided to runners.
17. Unstaffed water drops will be provided between aid stations for legs greater than 6 miles long.
18. Up to five drop bags (drawstring bag size) per solo runner can be used.  Label them with your name and what aid station you want them at, drop them off at the start area during packet pickup and we’ll take 
them to that aid station for you.  No drop bags are allowed for teams, as teams are assumed to have crew vehicles.
19. Pacers are allowed for solo runners starting at Baldwin.  Pacers need to check in and sign a waiver at the aid station they wish to start running at.  

20. The aid station schedule will accommodate a projected 40-hour to 52 hour finish.  If a solo runner or team intends to finish faster than 40 hours, they will need to provide their own aid and check in with race staff by cell phone at each aid station they arrive at early.
21. Packet pickup will be at the start area from 5:00-7:30 race morning.
22. There will be a mandatory pre-race safety brief at 7:30 am at the start area race morning.
23. The race will start at 8:00 am,
Saturday, May 25.
24. Veterans receive a 50% discount on solo runner registration fees.
25. Registration Fees

 - Solo runners who register on or before 12/31/18: $150
 - Solo runners who register on or after 1/1/19: $175
 - 5 person teams: $60 per runner on or before 12/31/18
 - 5 person teams: $75 per runner on or after 1/1/19
 - 10 person teams: $40 per runner on or before 12/31/18
 - 10 person teams: $50 per runner on or after1/1/19
26. It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules.  If you don’t understand, get in touch
27. This event is the capstone event for the 501(c)(3) charitable organization VM150, which raises funds for worthy Veterans Service Organizations.  Please consider 
tax-deductible donation beyond your race registration fee. Please note that fundraising is not required, although if you choose to donate, please note that 100% of net proceeds on July 31, 2019, will be donated to our charity partner.  Victory Gym VHC will be our 2019 campaign partner.  They offer free memberships to Military Veterans and first responders.  Their motto is "Conquering PTSD Through Physical Activity, Peer Support, and Connection."  Please visit their website to learn more at
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