Meet The Team
  1. Kurt Adams
    Race Director
    A father, engineer and ultra runner has successfully finished and successfully DNF'ed multiple 100 milers. He is very proud of a sub-24 hour at the 2016 Indiana Trail 100, as well as going lake to lake in the inaugural VM150 in 2017.
  2. Ruth Werner
    An ultra-runner whose father, brother and nephew served and a grandmother of 6.
  3. Dean Smith
    A disabled Marine Veteran himself was a founding member President of Always Brothers - a run based VSO 501(c)3 from 2010 to 2013. Although he no longer runs, he has a few ultras under his belt. His uncle and grandfather are both Army Veterans.
  4. Shasta Grifka
    A wife and mother of four, started running in fall of 2016 (completing 36.97 miles at the 2017 VM150), has many family members who served, and runs the VM 150 in memory of her brother – SSG. Shane Angell.
  5. Brian Boos
    A husband, father of three, and a teacher for the Chelsea School District. Brian has been running since high school and has been ultra-running since 2010. He has completed races at the 50k, 50 mi, and quad-marathon (104.8 mi) distance.